America. Choose your destroyer!

Remember when the ghost busters were forced to "Choose!", and whatever entity crossed their mind would be manifest to come and destroy them.  Well I thought that is a perfect analogy for the US presidential election.  No matter what the corrupt establishment offers us, we get destroyed.  That's why Ron Paul isn't an option, despite being the favorite of the people by far;  He's not a puppet of the system.  Although, I'm against all politicians because I don't need a man to rule over me.

They're almost all in bed together working for the same corporations, which, in the end work for Vatican, whose head is the pope, whose official title is "Vicarious Filii Dei", which means "in stead/place of the son of God", which is another way to express the meaning of "anti-christ".

Deep?  That's not even getting started.

I like what David Icke says: "Don't vote, it only encourages them."