I am a true jack-of-all trades, as a result of my general “everything is possible” attitude. Despite my continual effort over the past 10 years to specialize in web development and web technologies, I may never shed this title.  I can build a wall, fix some plumbing, design a new web application UI, architect the back-end, write some test-driven code, hand-assemble a web server, drop it in a N.O.C., install linux(not just ubuntu) and get it online for other developers to push to and serve up whatever is needed.
I think in abstractions, and do my best to put words to such thoughts.

I write maintainable software, and love refactoring as I go.
I resolve problems at the root of the cause, allowing them to be solved as a side-effect of proper design.  I don't like quick band-aid fixes, and I believe in "going slow so we can go fast".
My general goal is to "program myself out of a job", meaning I should not have to continually re-visit something I should have done better in the past.
Along with being a programmer, I am an athlete and also a student of many varying topics; Our world is an amazing place.

What motivates me?  I think this is a very important thing to ask.
My answer:  truth, freedom, discovery of new ideas and information, mastering something and being useful/respected.

In my free time I attempt to be a professional photographer, hit the gym, play video games and tennis, ride my motorcycle, and play around with whatever new tech I stumble upon.

Personality Type?
I am a solid INTP.  If you read about this personality type you will get to know me before we even meet:

A diverse list of technologies of which I have a good foundation:
- Linux (as server and desktop)
- Ruby/Ruby on Rails
- Javascript
- git
- Test-Driven software development principles
- Service-oriented architecture
- mysql, postgres, mongodb
- vim, tmux
- Docker

Currently learning:
- Elixir/Erlang, Phoenix Framework

functional with:
- Functional in Java, but lacking in experience.
- PC hardware down to the component
- VoIP solutions(asterisk...)
- Photoshop
- Digital A/V compression formats
- Firewalls(iptables...)
- Virtualization
- Ansible
- Modern web server technologies
- Windows server management(not doing this anymore)
- Internet routing/Cisco ios


3/2014 - 2/2016
Tuft & Needle, Phoenix, AZ
Full-stack software engineer
- ruby/rails/javascript development
- postgres and mongodb
- We wrote all of our business software from scratch.  Including a CRM and order management system.

12/2011 - 2/2014
Mulu Inc., Palo Alto, CA
Ruby/Rails Developer
- ruby/javascript/rails development
- postgres, mongodb, heroku, javascript, ec2

05/2011 – 12/2011:
Hashrocket Inc. Jacksonville Beach, FL
Ruby/Rails Developer
- Ruby on Rails based web development
- became proficient at TDD with rspec and cucumber

03/2010 – 04/2011:
Avisian Inc. Tallahassee, FL
Ruby/Rails Developer
- Ruby on Rails based web development
- Linux(gentoo) server administration
- primarily worked remote

12/2008 – 11/2009:
State of Florida – Office of Public Health: Nursing, Tallahassee, FL
Web Manager
- Managed internal and external websites for this office
- Maintained multiple MS Access database apps
- Managed MS Active Directory for this office
- General IT consultant (video conferencing, media/e-leaning content creation)

05/2008 – 09/2008:
DJB Imports, Oakland, FL
Network Admin assistant
- Windows server administration
- Managed 30+ workstations, 4 Windows Server 2003 servers, 3 Linux servers, and multiple virtual servers using VMware

09/2005 – 12/2007:
The Spin Group, Milwaukee, WI
Linux Server admin/Programmer
- Managed a full rack of Linux servers in a N.O.C.
- Did all office PC and hardware repair
- Assisted in multiple server relocations and reconfigurations
- PHP work
- Research and implementation of a custom backup solution for all server data and mysql databases

09/2004 - 09/2005:
Apple Computers, Wauwatosa, WI
Mac Specialist
- Apple retail store, sales and service
- Provided software training (personal and workshop style)
- Number 1 part time sales employee with highest % of Applecare warranty
attachment rate
- Assisted the techs when they needed help
- Store manager received multiple letters of commendation from my customers,
both for technical assistance and customer service.

11/2003 - 08/2004:
U.S. Navy, Great Lakes, IL
Electronics Technician
- E.T. in training, honorably discharged early for trouble sleeping, :(

02/2002 - 10/2002:
Advanced Communication Specialists, New Berlin, WI
High-speed Data Technician
- Install and troubleshoot cable Internet lines
- Train other employees on computer/network issues

03/2001 - 11/2001:
Cingular Wireless, Brookfield, WI
- Managed a corporate kiosk inside of a Sears store
- Sales leader for six of nine months

08/1999 - 12/2000:
Quebecor World, Brookfield, WI
Multiple titles
- Heavy MS Access work
- I was the back-up press scheduler for 5 high-volume commercial presses
- On-site UPS account contact
- On-site Microsoft office trainer for office employees

11/1998 - 08/1999:
Best Buy, Greenfield, WI
Computer Sales
- Consistently #1 in sales in computer department
- Highly complemented and awarded by management staff
- Maintained a personal customer database from large sales for follow-up


1996 - 1999:
Heritage Christian High School, West Allis, WI
- Organized and operated the after-school computer club
- Worked on the school webpage
- Took all available computer classes (Pascal, ms access, others)

2004 - 2007:
Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI
- Network Specialist Program